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Looking for auto glass replacement services in Phoenix or Glendale? You don’t have to look any further. When you need a new windshield or to replace a broken car window, there is no easier or more convenient solution then calling Dynasty.  We stock auto glass for most makes and models in our warehouse, including hard-to-find glass for antique or classic cars. Dynasty is the expert for dealing with windshield repair and auto glass replacement for your car. Furthermore, with our highly trained and experienced technicians, you will never go wrong with our windshield replacement experts. We do all types of auto glass replacement services and repairs including:

  • Repair and replacement of broken quarter panel windows, car door windows and side ventsDynasty’s Complete Auto Glass Services
  • Auto glass replacement
  • Windshield repair
  • Back windows removal and replacement

Our highly skilled technicians do the job correctly and ensure they install every automobile glass promptly the first time. Furthermore, we don’t waste your time. Additionally, we work harder to ensure we complete all scheduled installations on the same day. Above everything, we value our customer satisfaction. Quality and professional services to our customers are our pride. For every Dynasty windshield replacement, we are keen to transfer your old registration, toll tags, and inspections to your new windscreen. Moreover, we use only certified technicians. We employ experts who have at least ten years of experience in doing the work. Furthermore, we give a lifetime warranty for every auto glass repair or installation.

At Dynasty our technicians are highly trained and certified in auto glass installations.  We have assembled the best team of technicians in the area to insure you a perfect job every time.  We use only the finest glass and adhesive systems available.  An improperly installed windshield using inferior products could put you and your family at great risk in case of an accident.

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    Rock Chip Repair ServicesRock Chip Repair Services

    Most insurance companies will not only cover the cost of a windshield repair, they usually waive your deductible as well. In many cases a windshield repair can be done by our mobile service and usually in less then half an hour, making a rock chip repair not only practical but convenient. Also, the windshield does not need to be removed during repair and the repair is guaranteed. Call today to schedule one of our mobile service experts to come out and repair your windshield.

    Why Repair?

    A small chip or crack that is ignored, can spread across the entire length of the windshield over a period of time if left unrepaired. Temperature changes in the windshield will cause it to expand and contract. When this happens, most small cracks progressively become larger until the crack becomes too big to repair and the windshield has to be replaced.

    Commercial Fleets

    Commercial Fleet Glass RepairsWe can handle all your commercial fleet glass needs. Whether you run a fleet of cars or vans, trucks or heavy equipment automobiles, we understand the need to have a trustworthy auto glass company on your side so that you can effectively continue to operate your business safely. For over 20 years, we have been providing windshield, rear windshield, and broken window repairs and replacements to the greater Phoenix area.  We strive to provide safe and dependable transportation to every company we do business with so that they can achieve their set goals. When it comes to commercial fleet glass services, you can count on us to provide the very best.


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      The Importance of Proper Windshield Installation

      Many regulations stipulate that a car windshield is a vehicle safety device, as it’s intended to incorporate structural support on the vehicle in a collision or other type of accident. By way of example, within a vehicle, the windshield should sufficiently support the car’s roof to prevent it from falling onto the vehicle’s occupants. A windshield can be also designed to stop passengers who may perhaps not be wearing seat belts from being thrown out of the vehicle. Therefore, it should find a way to withstand the effects of the accident.

      Were you aware that if an airbag deploys, within seconds, it first deflects off the windshield then back towards the occupants? What could occur when the windshield isn’t properly adhered into the motor vehicle? The windshield could popup as well as the occupants may be ejected. Dynasty insists on using only superior urethane adhesives to affix the windshield and invite the master to drive 1 hour after completion. Quality you can rely on.

      This is why short-cuts shouldn’t be removed when installing a replacement windshield. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and proper procedural protocols must be carefully followed to make sure the windshield will stay in place and do the work it was designed to do throughout an accident. These safety associated protocols comprise the following:

      • Using windshield glass that meets federal security standards
      • Working with the appropriate insulating urethane auto glass glue
      • Applying this insulating material urethane adhesive correctly
      • Advising the customer on how soon the car could be safely pushed, to make sure the glue has fully cured